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Attention:  Until further notice, Bridging the Gap is only accepting referrals for applicants 50 years of age and older and Veterans.

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About Bridging the Gap  

·        Bridging the Gap (BTG) is a non-profit program that works to link homeless individuals to affordable housing through collaborating and creating partnerships with the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA), the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), local service agencies and private landlords.

·        Bridging the Gap is a Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless program that started in 1998 in an effort to address the problem of the lack of affordable housing in Cleveland.

·       The program is designed to help homeless individuals who complete transitional housing programs find an affordable place to live, provide them with life skills classes and resources so they can successfully live independently in permanent housing.


Bridging the Gap staff members conduct a variety of activities to help our clients reach their goal of living independently in permanent housing including:

- Identify and contact Project Based Section 8 subsidies in Northeast Ohio

- Maintain and update affordable housing database at

- Contact landlords, who offer affordable housing

- Contact property managers and keep current on wait list/vacancy status

- Track applicant status with referring agency

- Process applications and conduct intake interviews in a timely manner

- Follow-up with clients quarterly for a year after obtaining permanent housing

- Liaise between clients, partner agencies and landlords to discuss matters pertinent to the program

- Attend appeal hearing upon request of partner agency or applicant

- Provide Life Skills Classes, Peer Mentoring and Welcome Home Baskets


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The Bridging the Gap Application Process


1.      Bridging the Gap partner agency refers client who is ready for independent living

List of partner agencies

2.      Client and representative from partner agency complete and submit BTG application form

3.      Client schedules and completes BTG intake interview and conducts housing research

4.       Bridging the Gap staff and client work to find affordable housing leads

5.      Bridging the Gap staff members conduct follow-up activities for one year after the client is housed and provide resources to ensure a successful transition to independent living

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 Bridging the Gap Partner Agencies

To apply for the BTG program clients must be referred by a representative from one of the following partner agencies:

Contact Valerie McCoy, Bridging the Gap Program Director for more information on how to become a partner agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become a BTG Participant?  

Participants must be referred by a participating BTG partner agency.  All partners must sign a written agreement and commit to at least one year of follow up once participants are housed.  Contact your social service provider and express your interest in Bridging the Gap.

Does BTG provide rent or down payment assistance?  

The program does not provide monetary assistance.  However, Bridging the Gap staff members will work with you to identify available community resources.

What is Project Based Section 8?  

Project Based Section 8 is NOT a voucher program.  Project Based Section 8 stays with certain designated units scattered throughout the area.  Some Project Based Units may be designated for specific demographics such as “Elderly”, “Disabled” or “Family”, while others may be open for anyone.  There is a range of units from efficiencies up to four bedrooms.  Waiting lists vary from unit.  There is a criminal background check as well as other stringent background searches.

Do I have to Pay if I Qualify for Project Based Section 8?

You must meet the income qualification guidelines.   Once approved, you will be expected to pay 30 percent of your income toward rent and in most cases utilities. 

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Volunteer/Intern/Job Opportunities

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities  

Opportunities available in;

·        Housing Research

·        Web site design

·        Database entry and management

Call 216-432-0540 or for more information on additional opportunities and to see how you can get involved:


Job Opportunities

Bridging the Gap has no openings at this time.

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Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority       

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Housing - affordable housing website

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